Caribbean, Central, and South America network for HIV Epidemiology


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Submitting a Concept
CCASAnet welcomes concept sheet proposals from all external investigators. If you would like to submit a new concept sheet, please review the Concept Workflow SOP, then complete the Concept Sheet Template and send your completed document to the Program Coordinator, Hilary Vansell.

Concept Approval
A CCASAnet Working Group will be assigned to review your concept, once they have approved it will be forwarded to the CCASAnet Executive Committee for a vote. If approved, each CCASAnet site will then assess whether their cohort a) has the data requested for the project, b) wishes to contribute data to the project, and c) is able to provide the data in the necessary time frame. Use of CCASAnet data is restricted to the scope of the approved project.

Publication Procedure
Once your work is completed, follow the proper procedure for review of scientific products (manuscript, abstract) detailed in the Concept Workflow SOP and the Pre-Publication Check List located at the bottom of the document. Properly cite the CCASAnet grant using this language.


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