Caribbean, Central, and South America network for HIV Epidemiology

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The objective of this website is to bring together the CCASAnet research team and collaborators and provide a one-stop shop for documents relating to our research agenda. To join, submit your registration. The VDCC will receive a notification email and will review your request to ensure you are a member of CCASAnet. Please remember to fill in your CCASAnet site in the registration profile.

The Members-Only content is only available to known CCASAnet investigators and team members at participating sites, NIH, and the Vanderbilt Data Coordinating Center (VDCC).


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We take privacy very seriously. Your name, email, and other information will only be used for CCASAnet coordination and collaborative research work.

If you choose to use the Social Login option, it will ask for permission to see your social profile to register your username, email address, and language of preference. We will not use any other information from your social profile.


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